Beyond Limits Academy-My Father’s World: Adventures, Week 8

For Week 8, we had a busy week! Complete with an out of town (road trip) Dr.’s appt. for both of us. IMG_1524~photoWe lost a day of “school”….but don’t worry, we took it with us! 😁IMG_1528~photo

We do not school on Friday’s, (except our Nature walks) so we had 3 days to work with. The far away Dr. visits take us 10-12 hours. IMG_1525~photo.JPG

See her sleep mask? It is not a joke! She uses it all the time! When she “had to have that” at the store, I thought she was crazy! But over a year later, she uses it frequently. 🤷‍♀️

This week, we focused on Benjamin Franklin for History! There is so much info on him that our resources never ran dry. We made a movable puppet of him to add to our collection. We watched videos about him while coloring on YouTube. That template is here —-> Ben Franklin Puppet

We read this book…in 1 day! While waiting in the doctor’s office. IMG_1442~photo


I noticed it is autographed by the author! How cool is that?!IMG_1695~photo

There is an episode of Drive Thru History about Ben too! I welcome educational videos! They give me time to myself:))IMG_1456~photo.JPG

This DVD set works great with Adventures this year. Here is an outline of the episodes with each coordinating week: Drive Thru History with mfw

We read all 3 lessons on Ben in our history book, “The Story of the U.S.”IMG_1463~photo.JPG

We put together our own version of Poor Richards Almanack: we added extra pages to ours and as we learned more about Ben, we added bullet points to our pages.


There was a chapter in our American Tales book also. We love this book.

This book is kinda hard to find. I had to set an alert on E-Bay to snag it. It didn’t take long to get after I set the alert. I think I paid $5 or $6 bucks for it. Here is an outline of the chapters that coordinate with our curriculum this year: American Tales with MFW Adventures

We added our Ben Franklin piece to our timeline! Every time we color, we watch videos that coordinate with our lessons. It is a chance to get added info in and it keeps the brain busy:)

As an added craft, we made a stained glass kite. There is an example here. I did not use that though, we winged it. We used some black paper plates, contact paper, and tissue paper. IMG_1616~photoIMG_1617~photo

I printed some bows and a key from some Google images: Kite Bows. We colored the bows but cut the tails off of them. We colored all 6 and glued them back to back with the yarn in the middle.

Here is the key we used: Key I printed it on card stock along with the bows. Sommer pointed out that we forgot the metal rod on the top of the kite, and I pointed out that I didn’t care. Proof that she is learning! Also proof that I haven’t changed!😂🤣😂


Sommer summarized our week of Ben on her student sheet (which doesn’t have enough space for all his accomplishments) IMG_1663~photo.JPG

We are still working on summarizing in Writing and English. That was our lesson 3x this week! IMG_1516~photo.JPG

We also reviewed some work from last week. IMG_1431~photo.JPG

*Notice she did it twice? She did not follow directions. Again…..🙄🙄🙄

Totally off topic, but there was one day that she was absolutely not paying attention. She was so hyper. I sent her outside and told her to bring back nature stuff: leaves, sticks, rocks, or grass. An hour later she came back inside empty handed and said we had none of that stuff in our yard! LOL! So I sent her back out. She finally came in with the goods…and way less energy. I quick printed this flower fairy here. IMG_1437~photo

I plugged the glue gun in and let her get to work.

Oh, you noticed she uses the glue gun? Yep! Does she burn herself? She has once. That’s the learning curve, right???! She hasn’t done it again though. Here is her fairy…IMG_1443~photo

Some days, you just have to send them outside!

Math was easy-peasy this week! We continued to review double digit addition with regrouping. She breezed through it, so we started doing 3 digit w/regrouping. Our book had our lesson this week set to “Skip Counting by 10s”. We did it, but did not talk about it. We pulled the abacus out when we Solved for Missing Variables. Her brain doesn’t work in reverse yet. We have this one by Melissa and Doug.

For STEM at the Library, I really have no clue what they did. I was there, but not really! Does that make sense? The title on the calendar said “Composting”.  I am not in charge of that show:) I was checking out books.IMG_1436~photo.JPG

I took a quick pic and they went outside. I did not follow…..but then I felt guilty at the very end and knew I needed a pic for this blog. So I went and took a quick pic. On our drive home, I asked the usual question like, “What did y’all learn about?” I got the usual answers like, “Nothing.” I get 2 points just for making it there though, right?

Our memory verse changed this week! Our theme for the next 2 weeks will be “Jesus is Our Rock”

We read the parable of the House on the Rock!IMG_1478~photo

There is a great kids praise series from the 80s that Sommer LOVES. She has the CDs and plays them ALL THE TIME! You can get them on E-Bay for 10$ish. IMG_1697~photo.JPG

This CD has a song called SandyLand. It is a 2 1/2 minutes song. Listen Here. It goes with the verse/parable. In fact, while we wrote our Spelling words, she watched an episode of it on YouTube: here. There are songs that go with our verse on that video as well 😉IMG_1473~photo.JPG

Did I tell you what we did for Spelling this week? Since Ben Franklin was a printing press guy, we used Invisible Ink to write our words! They are on Amazon right here. IMG_1476~photo.JPG

It is kinda hard to take a pic of the ink glowing. She also copied her bible verse in this ink.IMG_1481~photo

Get creative and change it up!!

Speaking of creativity….I had some Art to make up for from last week! We didn’t do too much Art last week. This week we did a lil’ more. First of all, we are covering the basics of color mixing. I printed out a blank color wheel from this site. I loathe color mixing exercises. Really! I cannot stand them. I had to do it though… here is ours! Sommer loved it! Of course she did! She loves everything I hate!!! 💯


We did some stippling technique with a pencil eraser. We used this idea off Pinterest.

I printed the ghosts on card stock and used a small piece of tape to keep it stuck.IMG_1445~photo.JPG

Once the dots (acrylic paint)  were dry, we used yellow water color to paint the entire area. Here is my template:  Ghosts 


This stippling and the next art exercise teach negative/positive space as well. To keep with the Halloween spirit, we used some bat silhouettes. Here are my templates: Halloween Silhouettes

I printed them on card stock and cut them out with an xacto knife, scissors take too long. IMG_1549~photo

Of course, when I tell Sommer to pick our Halloween colors, pink is included. 🙄🙄IMG_1553~photo

I cut up a sponge from the kitchen to apply the acrylic paint.

We used the cut outs and the empty stencils that were left from cutting. Negative and positive space uses both sides of the brain. Here are our finished works. IMG_1557~photo

Clean up is easy…roll it up and throw it all away!IMG_1554~photo

Our last Art project was using negative/positive space also. We made Jack-O-Lantern cut outs. There is a tutorial here. You will use a sheet of black construction paper and half a sheet of orange.

Draw half your picture on the orange paper. Cut it out and keep the pieces because you will use those to mirror the image on the black side.

Again, I use an Xacto knife. Scissors take too long for me. Keep an eye on the kiddos, it is hard to switch the brain back and forth. I had to re cut Sommer’s mouth bc I was doing something else. IMG_1562~photo

If you mess up, trace a new piece and keep going!!IMG_1563~photo

I wonder where the pic of mine is??? I threw it away already, or I would add a pic for ya. I do these crafts with her….because we are Super-Buds!

Speaking about pumpkins….this week we made homemade pumpkin pie using a real pumpkin!! We made ours milk free by substituting coconut milk for the evaporated milk. Here is a tutorial to bake the pumpkins, here.   I didn’t use it, because I already know how to do it. Basically, you cut the pumpkin, scoop out the seeds, put them on a pan with a little water and bake for an hour at 350.

They look like this when you take them out of the oven.


Scoop all the pulp into your food processor. Add a tablespoon of water to it so it will blend.

Once you have it all smooth, you are ready to use your favorite recipe with the puree!! Any recipe will do. I used 2 cups of puree in mine. Here is the recipe I used.

Sommer said we “Nailed it!”IMG_1610~photo.JPG

This week she made some Shortbread cookies. We talked about how in the Colonial times, there were limited ingredients. These cookies only use 4 ingredients. Very basic and easy. Here is the recipe. IMG_1574~photo

So basically: mix, chill, roll and smush!

So easy and fail proof!!IMG_1612~photo

Speaking of fail proof: For Science this week we studied the layers of the Earth and minerals/rocks. I totally failed at one of my usual recipes that I have memorized. No biggie, I re baked it….but it is important that I share the fails with the positives. We baked a loaf of bread in layers for the layers of the Earth!!IMG_1693~photo.JPG

It is not hard to do at all. I was super duper tired and it was wayyy too late for me. Making bread takes hours. I re baked it the next day, but man!!! I lost a bunch of time from my mistake.

Use your fav bread recipe. Mix the ingredients and make 3 sections. IMG_1582~photo

Knead the food coloring into each piece. It takes a lot. Like 60-80 drops for each section!!

You can wear gloves, but it washes right off, I promise. IMG_1668~photo

Cover those sections with a towel and let rise for an hour or until they double in size. Don’t sit them right under an AC vent either!IMG_1588~photo

Then PUNCH them down. Just once. Don’t go crazy!IMG_1675~photo

Now you will form your shape. Take one section and make it into a ball. IMG_1672~photo

Then take the second or middle layer and roll it out a bit so that it will wrap around the first ball. IMG_1673~photo

Do the same with the next layer. IMG_1676~photo

Chunk it in the baking dish and cover it with a towel so it can raise. I usually let it sit for 2-3 hours. IMG_1679~photo

I didn’t take a pic of what it looked like right before I baked it. But it was super fluffy! Throw it in the oven for about 25 minutes so it can bake through. (For this pan that is deep that is the cook time) That pan is this one. Add some butter to the top for pleasure!!IMG_1683~photo


And enjoy!

This week we added coding in with our Science. We use Kano! Find it here!IMG_1501~photo

Don’t be fooled! I got our set for 45$ on E-Bay. Sommer loves it.

We learned about Tchaikovsky this week for Music. He was a very famous Russian Composer. Sommer did not mind listening to his Bio at all. IMG_1615~photo.JPG

Every day we read! Multiple times a day. I am working on a quilt right now and Sommer read to me a lot at night while I was quilting. IMG_1510~photo

We read tons!IMG_1496~photo-full.jpg

Friday we did manage to do our nature walk. Or should I say “walks.” We went to the waters edge and found shells. IMG_1629~photo

Sommer made Shell-Angels! Piles and Piles of shell pieces. IMG_1628~photo

We stacked rocks…IMG_1642~photo-full

and even saw raccoon tracks!IMG_1646~photo

We fished in the backyard quite a bit also. IMG_1648~photo.JPG

This week was great, even though I only had 3 days to cram stuff into. We somehow fit it all in. Even the re baking of the bread that I did not want to do. Overall, it was an excellent week!

We even made time to lick some beaters!!IMG_1578~photo.JPG

Make the most of your time. Go as far as you can. And never turn down an opportunity to go to a beach!!!IMG_1635~photo.JPG



  1. Super cool activities, as always.
    The question” What did y’all learn about?” and the answer ” Nothing” made me smile. Lol my kids are the same. So now I don’t ask that question anymore…I say,” tell me one thing you love about today and one thing you did not love and why.” Usually, they like to get into love/hate discussions 🙂
    The bread is super cool!
    Hope the doctor’s visit had positive outcomes. Sending hugs your way.


    • You know… brain is so fried from being the teacher for every single thing in life, that I have zero cares what she learned at the library!!! Hahaha!!! It is more of a socialization thing I suppose. A place where she can’t get under the table to do a worksheet! 😂😂
      *Doctor visits are always so vague. My condition is so rare that no one really knows how to help. I think I am going to go see a guy that specializes in my cond in NY. I am on the fence about it, but leaning towards it. His visits start at 2 grand for a new pt. He doesn’t take insurance. There is really no cure for what I have, so I still haven’t decided that it is worth it yet.

      Liked by 1 person

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